Friday, 8 August 2014

Five Stars in The Times & Four Stars in The Scotsman

Big day yesterday!  We got a Four Star review in The Scotsman.

Susan Mansfield called the show "a near perfect marriage of form and subject and a powerful expression of what happens in those moments when words fail us."

Read the full review here.

Then things got even better, with a Five Star review in The Times!

Chief Theatre Critic Dominic Maxwell had already tweeted that So It Goes was his favourite show of the Edinburgh Fringe so far and in today's paper he writes:

"I've never seen a depiction of grief which is as deft, daring, amusing and moving as this one."

Full review here.

Meanwhile, Fest's Theatre Editor Matt Trueman saw the show yesterday and tweeted:

We celebrated with a trip to see No Fit State in their very own big top tent.  It was mind-blowingly brilliant and we can't recommend it highly enough!

So It Goes is back today, 5.30pm at Underbelly, Cowgate. 

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