Saturday, 4 October 2014

RIP The Spaceape

A couple of years ago, Hannah and I were panicking about what to name our theatre company.  Our first work in progress performance of So It Goes was a few days away and we didn’t yet have a name to put in the programme.

So It Goes is about Hannah’s dad’s battle with cancer and on the way to rehearsal one day I found myself listening to an EP by vocalist and poet The Spaceape, which dissects his own battle with a rare form of the disease. 

“Living out my life like I’m on the run” was the refrain which stuck in my head and it’s where we get our name. 

Running already featured prominently in the show because Hannah’s dad loved running.  This, along with Spaceape’s take on living with cancer as living life ‘on the run’ meant it felt like the perfect name for us.

Stephen Samuel Gordon aka The Spaceape died this week from his illness and I want to share the track with you.

RIP The Spaceape.